Stone Barn Cotswolds Wedding

Stone Barn Cotswolds Wedding

A  wet wintery, though awesome Stone Barn Cotswolds Wedding was the order of the day for the fun loving Gabriella and Anthony. Two super relaxed people that took the day in their stride, which made my job a pleasure. First some morning prep at the Cotswolds Water Park Hotel in South Cerney. With nothing manic and no panic, these two took cool to a new level.

A warm welcome at the barn for my first wedding at Stone Barn (I'm glad to say that I've already been back since with more weddings booked there). A special thanks must go to coordinator Clayton and Chef Jason  for doing a top job and making me feel at home. Actually, see if you can spot Clayton in the photos below, a prize for the winner.

The day pretty much continued the trend of constant laughter throughout and I don't think anyone even noticed it rained. I had to multitask during the speeches, trying to capture moments whilst laughing at the barrage of banter and stories being told. This mood pretty much continued right to the first dance and beyond, showcasing some pretty impressive moves on the dance floor. With my coordination I looked on with envy.

For the photographers out there, the whole day was captured using two Nikon D750's with mainly a 35mm 1.4 and an 85mm 1.4 with the 24/70mm 2.8 lens for the first dance. The off camera flash work was shot using the Phottix Mitros Flash Gun and Odin triggers. The first dance setup was three flashes set in a triangle around the dance floor all controlled by the on camera Odin trigger. All images edited using Adobe Lightroom.

Gabriella and Anthony thank you again for having me along to capture your Stone Barn Cotswolds wedding and good luck in the future.

The Greenway Hotel Cheltenham

A very mild Autumn day welcomed me to The Greenway Hotel Cheltenham , for the wedding of Jaime and Paul. The morning started for me with some bridal prep, helped out by the talented Lucy from Boolou makeup. After that I followed Paul on a little Cotswolds walk with Tyson the Vizsla. Next was a fun ceremony with all guests enjoying the laughs of Jaime and Paul. I then spent an hour or so capturing the enjoyment of the wedding party in this cool and relaxed venue. Paul looking very smart in his military uniform, which made the bride and groom portraits a pleasure to capture. The evening followed suit with the party folk arriving in time for some very touching speeches. Lots of dancing followed with a great atmosphere caused by the awesome band The Zoots.

Jaime and Paul thank you for having me along to capture your special day.

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The Bay Tree Hotel Burford

Well what can I say about this wedding? An absolute joy to photograph at The Bay Tree Hotel Burford in the Cotswolds. From the start I could tell that Annabel and Mads knew how to have fun. The day started at Oxfordshire Shooting School Photographed by the talented Hannah Miles Photography whom helped me out on the day. I started at the hotel where the bridal party were getting ready. With a 1920's theme I knew this would be a cracker. Everyone looked amazing, no one more so than Annabel. A joyous ceremony followed outside where a relaxed Mads was waiting for his bride, singing along to the awesome Stephen Dunnett.
Afterwards we took the newlyweds for a little walk, whilst doing so, we came across an antique shop called Schotten. Now even I could not have predicted the fun we would have when inside (thanks to the owner). I'll let the photos below do the talking.
The evening pretty much followed suit with my personal highlight being the Danish tradition (Mads is from Denmark) of cutting the grooms socks off at the toes. One that I think should be utilised here in the UK.
Thank you both once again for having us along on your special day.

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