Dan Morris Photography Best of 2017

Dan Morris Photography Best of 2017

Dan Morris Photography Best of 2017

Well that went quick! 2017, what a pleasure it was. A year of capturing lots of amazing memories for couples, their families and friends. It really has been a privilege.

Trying to decide which photos to include is never easy. Certain photos stand out to me at certain times, none more so than the first image and last image that I selected. The first photo wasn't actually taken last year and is of a lovely man called Naresh. I posted this on Instagram towards the end of summer 2017 and commented on it exclaiming "It's me :)" I asked him how he was and unfortunately he had found out that he was in the late stages of cancer ,which I had no idea about. Sadly he passed away at the end of August :(. An amazing man who was the same age as me. Sad stories like this resonate with me and truly emphasise the importance of our roles as wedding photographers. As for the last photo, well you can see for yourself :).

This year I have been lucky enough to visit some new wedding venues in the Cotswolds, all over England, back home in Wales, Ireland, Austria and finishing off 2017 photographing a crazy six day wedding alongside Tim Bishop in Dubai. So far next year I have some lovely new local venues, plus camera club is taking me to Thailand, Holland, France and Spain so far. Obviously all work :).

This year I also had another great experience of running a second wedding photography workshop alongside good friends Aga Tomaszek and Erik Halvorsen, this time at my home in Cheltenham. Helping others is very humbling and watching their progression throughout the year has even been inspiring. Another personal highlight was being asked by one of the world's best photographers, in mine and many other's opinions Ross Harvey to second shoot for him at what can only be described as an unbeleivable wedding at Blenheim Palace.

This coming year is already looking fantastic so here's to 2018. If you're interested about hearing my availability for your wedding please contact me here.



Dan Morris Photography Best of 2017

Braxted Park wedding

Braxted Park Wedding

Gorgeous blue skies welcomed me for an amazing Braxted Park wedding over in Essex. Two super lovely people, Eliz and Tolga welcomed me like one of the family from the moment I arrived. My first Turkish wedding and I certainly wasn't disappointed, with so much fun and tradition it made my job an absolute pleasure. I hadn't met Eliz and Tolga before the day and during the initial phone call I remember Eliz saying that they both weren't a fan of having their photo taken. Once I had met them I thought they must have been winding me up because they both looked fantastic. You'll see exactly what I mean below.

The day started for me with morning preparation, as mentioned the welcome was lovely and I had free reigns to capture the day as it unfolded. The early magic moment for me was having the privilege of capturing Eliz's dad seeing her for the first time in her beautiful wedding dress. Moments like these can never be replicated. The next moment that I was lucky enough to capture was seeing Tolga's grandmother showing him how proud she was. This was one of those weddings with so many special moments throughout. A mixed joyous and emotional ceremony that took place with two people so obviously in love. As for the aftermath, well! This was some party based around some amazing Turkish traditions and some serious moves on the dance floor.

A big thank you to Rideout Wedding FilmsKristina Gasperas Make upBrowns Blooms and Balloons and Jennifer Cakes who were all great to work alongside.

For the wedding photographers out there, this wedding was shot lane using two Nikon D750's with a 24 1.4, 35 1.4 and an 85 1.4. The dancing captured using an SB910. Please enjoy the images below as much as I enjoyed photographing this wonderful wedding. Eliz and Tolga thank you once again for having me along to capture your Braxted Park wedding.

Norwegian Wedding Photography Workshop

Norwegian Wedding Photography Workshop

Norwegian wedding photography workshop. From the power of Networking I met a couple of very talented wedding photographers called Eirik Halvorsen and Aga Tomaszek. One thing we all had in common was a passion for helping people learn. Wedding photography is one of those industries where there is no qualification or specific course to help you progress. When I started I emailed over twenty photographers and I received two replies saying sorry but I work alone. Since that day I have always wanted to share the mistakes I made so others didn't have to make the same.

The outcome of a three way conversation mixed with a common ground of helping others we came up with the idea of running a two day workshop in Stavanger Southern Norway.  There is no right way to do something, there is only YOUR way. This was something we all agreed with and by having the three of us reflected this statement.

Day one was spent in the comfort of Eirik's home and day two out and about shooting in the stunning Norwegian scenery with whatever light was handed to us by mother nature. Being the sceptics and our own biggest critics, something all wedding photographers all seem to have in common, there was a slight worry that nobody would want to listen to us. When again proving that little doubt wrong we actually SOLD OUT! We had attendees all the way from Oslo, England and Wales. People were messaging us about missing out and asking if we are running a workshop again? We are super pleased to say? WE ARE! It will be in Cheltenham 21st and 22nd of March. Please follow this link WORKSHOP to register your interest.

Here is a testimonial from the lovely http://jessicajager.co.uk.

I recently attended the inaugural Norwegian Wedding Photography Workshop run by Dan Morris, Eirik Halvorsten and Aga Tomaszek.

The workshop was held in Eirik’s home, which was a great idea, as the homely atmosphere straight away put people at ease. In fact, it felt more like a bunch of friends having a photography meet-up! Dan, Eirik and Aga are down-to-earth and very approachable and it was interesting listening to 3 different viewpoints on various topics over the two days. I took away so much from each of them.

The following day we got to see some of the Norwegian countryside, stopping  at various locations on the way to photograph a lovely couple , Solvi and John. The scenery was breathtakingly stunning and there was beautiful autumnal light everywhere.

Over the two days, I learnt a lot and got to know a lovely group of photographers.

Overall, it was a fantastic and inspiring experience!!

Thanks again, it was a blast!!

Norwegian wedding photography workshop

temple guiding manor wedding

Temple Guiting Manor wedding

I was lucky enough to photograph a lovely Temple Guiting Manor Wedding in the sunny Cotswolds. What a beautiful place with a fantastic couple to match. Emily and Richard were so relaxed and obviously super in love, again it didn't seem like work for me as they made me feel like I was a guest not a photographer. The day started for me as Emily was just finishing up with her makeup and wow she looked great. Dad was obviously super proud and just kept smiling from the moment he saw his daughter to the moment I left and I'm sure beyond. Richard was then putting the finishing touches to his button hole before we headed down to St Mary's Church for the ceremony. A very joyous ceremony then took place with the couple's close family in attendance. On the way back to the manor we just stopped at a few locations for some relaxed shots of the newlyweds and I think you can see from the images below it was as if I wasn't even there.

Obviously blessed with great surroundings I probably could have spent all day snapping away, although this was an early finish for me as Emily and Richard had their party back home in London a few weeks later, with a little honeymoon to South Africa thrown in. Very Jealous!

Anyone looking for ideas for a little break, look no further, Temple Guiting Manor in the Cotswolds is ace.

Thank you again for having me along to capture your special day and good luck in the future.

For the photographers out there, this was all shot with with two Nikon D750 cameras with the 24 1.4mm, 35 1.4mm and 85mm1.4 Nikon lenses. All taken using available natural light that the main man upstairs gave us.

Temple Guiting Manor Wedding

Cotswolds wedding photographer

Dowdeswell Court Cotswolds wedding

A Dowdeswell Court Cotswolds wedding day. Where do I start? Well actually it was a nice early start for me. Close friends and family arrived for such a joyous civil ceremony at No 38 The Park in Cheltenham. Possibly one of the happiest, fun ceremonies that I have witnessed, even the registrars were in tears (not the cake for all you best men out there) :)

Karen and Molly (Nickname) what can I say? Two of the most happy, chilled and nicest people you could wish to meet. They left me to my own devices and let me capture their day without any interuption. After the civil ceremony it was on to the magnificent Dowdeswell Court where more friends and family were waiting for the main event. The reception was held in one of Papakatas Sperry tents, decorated with beautiful flowers from Flower Style Co.

The highlight of the day for myself, being a dog lover was Molly's present to Karen during his speech, the cutest Pug puppy called Percy Pig, who did extremely well on his first day of toilet training (see the photos below).

The night time pretty much continued in the same vein, having as much fun as possible was the order of the day. As you can see from the photos below when the lights went out the party really started.

It was great working along side videographer Mark Brown who is also a photographer for Superdry, plus help from photographer Stu Jotham.

For the photographers out there, this wedding was shot with two Nikon D750's with a 35 and 85mm lenses, then a 24mm lens for the dancing. The dance floor was a mixture of natural light, on camera flash and off camera flash.

Karen and Molly thank you once again for having me along to capture your amazing wedding day :)

Dowdeswell Court Cotswolds wedding.

Hayley and Patrick's wedding in Estepona Spain

It's about time that I blogged this magical destination wedding. Estepona in Spain what can I say? So beautiful with breathtaking views over looking Gibraltar. Hayley and Patrick first made contact asking if I would consider travelling to Spain, after coming across a photograph I had taken of Hayley a few years ago at The Battle of London (Crossfit Competition). Hayley and Patrick now living in Estepona and members of Crossfit Marbella held their wedding at their home in the mountains of Estepona, no description needed, I'll let the photos talk for me on this occasion.

The day started with bridal prep and absolutely no nerves whatsoever. Super relaxed and smiles all around making me feel welcome. Next it was a small car journey up to the mountains for the ceremony, again happy people everywhere enjoying the glorious weather and the celebrations. My job made easy with a mixture of fantastic scenery and fun loving people.

Hayley and Patrick's home was looking perfect with help from the talented Love Weddings Marbella. Paella being the dish of the day with sangria being the drink of choice by many. The speeches followed with some great banter flying around from the father of the bride and best man.

Afterwards the bride and groom managed a personal best in their wedding day WOD (Crossfit workout of the day), keeping a little energy saved for a trek further up the mountain for some fantastic sunset portrait shots, before heading back for the much awaited first dance.

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