Dan Morris Photography wedding photographer Cotswolds

Wedding Photographer Cotswolds

Lost for words is how I'll start my roundup of  as a wedding photographer Cotswolds. An absolute whirlwind, witnessing so many special moments and being in the privileged position of capturing these moments for so many amazing couples and families. The gratitude shown and the welcome from total strangers again proves why there is no other job that I would rather be doing. So from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for putting your trust in me and I hope that I have lived up to all your expectations.

A few highlights for myself was shooting a wedding for a Norwegian friend in Stavanger. Giving a bride a lift to the ceremony when the wedding car broke down and being the only person able to do up one hundred buttons on a wedding dress due to having small hands with no nails. Sadly no pictures were taken of this event. Always capture the moment!

Another big thank you must go to family and friends that have put up with my slight obsession and kept me sane along the way. Also to my peers that I admire in the industry, that have become good friends this year.

Less about me and more of some lovely moments that me and Holly have been able to capture for lots of wonderful people. There are so many photos that we would love to share with you all and choosing a select few wasn't easy to say the least. !  Please take  look below.

Wedding Photographer Cotswolds - Highlights 2016

Destination wedding Stavanger Norway

My latest destination wedding Stavanger Norway. What a stunning country and I have one of Scandinavia's best wedding photographers Eirik Halvorsen to thank for the recommendation. Two super fun people named Sofie and Roar welcomed me with open arms and treated me like a long time friend, even arranging torrential rain to make me feel at home. The ceremony was held in a local Catholic church in the centre of Stavanger followed by the first local tradition that is bride and groom portraits in a Pilates studio, a first for me though i'm always up for a challenge. This was followed by the hardcore Sofie and Roar braving the outside elements in the local park, a favourite of the Norwegian King so I am told.

After drying off the party really started, first off the speeches, with my Norwegian a little rusty I was thankful that a lot of the speeches were spoken in English, maybe not for me, possibly for Sofie's mum and family who are originally from England. Back to traditions, our Norwegian friends have so many compared to the UK. When the guests tap their glasses, the bride and groom have to stand on the chairs and kiss. Then if the guests stamp their feet, the married couple have to crawl under the table and kiss. This certainly kept me on my toes. My favourite has to be if the groom left the room for what ever reason, all the male guests would form an orderly cue to kiss the bride one at a time, vice versa if the bride leaves the room. This helped keep the fantastic atmosphere going well into the night making my destination wedding Stavanger Norway some experience.

If you do ever have the chance to take a trip to Norway please do, all I can say is what a country and i'm already planning my next trip back.

Cripps Barn wedding

This was my first Cripps Barn wedding, a lovely old Cotswold stone barn near Bibury.  A mild winter wedding starting at The New Inn, not to far from the venue. Made to feel at home from the outset, my job was to capture the preparations going on around me. Once Kate's dad (Dusty) had an emotional first glimpse at his stunning daughter, this was my cue to head over to capture Chris and his groomsmen enjoying the great location. One I hope to be back at sometime this year.

A lovely ceremony followed with laughs a plenty, which pretty much continued right the way through the day. I was even caught out during the speeches, Dusty asked me to stand up for the party and gave a me nice mention. Very kind! Caught off guard I had no speech prepared and hid behind my camera. The evening continued with joyous guests, singing dancing and even managing some sparkler photographs to get some Cotswolds fresh air. This wedding really was great fun to photograph, especially witnessing some top moves on the dance floor. I'm pretty sure the party continued long after I had gone, thanks to the super talented The Roaming Revue.

For the photographers out there. Most of the photos were taken with the Nikon D750 camera with a 35mm and 85mm lenses. The first dance with a 24-70mm lens and an SB910 flash gun

Kate and Chris Thank you once again for letting me be part of your special day good luck for the future.

cripps-barn-1cripps-barn-3 cripps-barn-4 cripps-barn-5 cripps-barn-8 cripps-barn-9 cripps-barn-13 cripps-barn-16 cripps-barn-18 cripps-barn-20 cripps-barn-21 cripps-barn-22 cripps-barn-23 cripps-barn-25 cripps-barn-26 cripps-barn-31 cripps-barn-32 cripps-barn-33 cripps-barn-35 cripps-barn-37 cripps-barn-38 cripps-barn-40 cripps-barn-44 cripps-barn-47 cripps-barn-49 cripps-barn-48cripps-barn-50 cripps-barn-52 cripps-barn-54 cripps-barn-56 cripps-barn-57 cripps-barn-58 cripps-barn-59 cripps-barn-60 cripps-barn-66 cripps-barn-68 cripps-barn-70 cripps-barn-71 cripps-barn-72 cripps-barn-73 cripps-barn-74 cripps-barn-76 cripps-barn-77 cripps-barn-80 cripps-barn-81 cripps-barn-82 cripps-barn-83 cripps-barn-85 cripps-barn-87 cripps-barn-90 cripps-barn-88cripps-barn-89cripps-barn-64cripps-barn-69cripps-barn-91 cripps-barn-94 cripps-barn-95 cripps-barn-98 cripps-barn-99 cripps-barn-101 cripps-barn-102 cripps-barn-103 cripps-barn-108 cripps-barn-110 cripps-barn-113 cripps-barn-114 cripps-barn-119 cripps-barn-120 cripps-barn-122 cripps-barn-123 cripps-barn-125 cripps-barn-126 cripps-barn-129 cripps-barn-130 cripps-barn-131 cripps-barn-136 cripps-barn-137 cripps-barn-138 cripps-barn-139 cripps-barn-140 cripps-barn-141 cripps-barn-109 cripps-barn-143 cripps-barn-145 cripps-barn-149 cripps-barn-150 cripps-barn-151 cripps-barn-152 cripps-barn-153 cripps-barn-155 cripps-barn-156 cripps-barn-157 cripps-barn-159 cripps-barn-160

Manor By The Lake Cheltenham

Manor By The Lake Cheltenham, a wonderful array of colours for a Cotswolds wedding. I met Laura and Alex at the wedding showcase at the Manor, instantly I could tell how relaxed they were and how much fun their wedding would be, I wasn't disappointed. With Laura looking amazing and the bridesmaids a close second.

The morning started for myself at Laura's house, all I will say about this is what a fun loving bunch of cool ladies. A friend of mine Rob ( one to watch) who has been second shooting for me this year had the pleasure of capturing the groom prep. Next it was on to the beautiful Holy Trinity Badgeworth where a proud dad walked his happy daughter down the aisle for the ceremony. Followed by a short car journey to the Manor, courtesy of Satin and Lace Wedding Cars.
The picturesque lake gave us a lovely background for some early evening shots. Soon followed by the craziness that is the bouquet throw, again proving how much fun these ladies were. (see photos) Everyone else made their way into the main hall for the evening party. The room as always looked fantastic with flowers, funky lights and table decor. More antics then followed, I'll let the pictures tell the story.
A special thank you to Laura and Alex for choosing me to photograph their wedding day.

dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-1 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-2 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-3 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-5 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-6 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-7 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-8 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-9 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-10 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-11 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-12 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-13 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-14 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-17 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-18 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-19 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-20 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-21 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-22 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-23 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-24 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-25 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-26 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-27 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-28 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-29 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-30 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-31 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-32 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-33 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-34 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-36 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-37 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-38 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-39 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-40 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-41 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-42 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-43 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-44 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-45 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-46 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-47 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-48 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-49 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-50 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-51 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-52 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-53 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-54 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-55 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-56 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-57 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-58 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-59 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-60 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-61 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-62 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-63 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-64 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-65 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-66 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-67 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-68 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-69 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-70 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-72 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-73 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-74 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-75 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-76 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-78 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-79 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-80 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-81 dan-morris-photography-manor-by-the-lake-82