Dan Morris Photography Best of 2017

Well that went quick! 2017, what a pleasure it was. A year of capturing lots of amazing memories for couples, their families and friends. It really has been a privilege.

Trying to decide which photos to include is never easy. Certain photos stand out to me at certain times, none more so than the first image and last image that I selected. The first photo wasn't actually taken last year and is of a lovely man called Naresh. I posted this on Instagram towards the end of summer 2017 and commented on it exclaiming "It's me :)" I asked him how he was and unfortunately he had found out that he was in the late stages of cancer ,which I had no idea about. Sadly he passed away at the end of August :(. An amazing man who was the same age as me. Sad stories like this resonate with me and truly emphasise the importance of our roles as wedding photographers. As for the last photo, well you can see for yourself :).

This year I have been lucky enough to visit some new wedding venues in the Cotswolds, all over England, back home in Wales, Ireland, Austria and finishing off 2017 photographing a crazy six day wedding alongside Tim Bishop in Dubai. So far next year I have some lovely new local venues, plus camera club is taking me to Thailand, Holland, France and Spain so far. Obviously all work :).

This year I also had another great experience of running a second wedding photography workshop alongside good friends Aga Tomaszek and Erik Halvorsen, this time at my home in Cheltenham. Helping others is very humbling and watching their progression throughout the year has even been inspiring. Another personal highlight was being asked by one of the world's best photographers, in mine and many other's opinions Ross Harvey to second shoot for him at what can only be described as an unbeleivable wedding at Blenheim Palace.

This coming year is already looking fantastic so here's to 2018. If you're interested about hearing my availability for your wedding please contact me here.