My latest destination wedding Stavanger Norway. What a stunning country and I have one of Scandinavia's best wedding photographers Eirik Halvorsen to thank for the recommendation. Two super fun people named Sofie and Roar welcomed me with open arms and treated me like a long time friend, even arranging torrential rain to make me feel at home. The ceremony was held in a local Catholic church in the centre of Stavanger followed by the first local tradition that is bride and groom portraits in a Pilates studio, a first for me though i'm always up for a challenge. This was followed by the hardcore Sofie and Roar braving the outside elements in the local park, a favourite of the Norwegian King so I am told.

After drying off the party really started, first off the speeches, with my Norwegian a little rusty I was thankful that a lot of the speeches were spoken in English, maybe not for me, possibly for Sofie's mum and family who are originally from England. Back to traditions, our Norwegian friends have so many compared to the UK. When the guests tap their glasses, the bride and groom have to stand on the chairs and kiss. Then if the guests stamp their feet, the married couple have to crawl under the table and kiss. This certainly kept me on my toes. My favourite has to be if the groom left the room for what ever reason, all the male guests would form an orderly cue to kiss the bride one at a time, vice versa if the bride leaves the room. This helped keep the fantastic atmosphere going well into the night making my destination wedding Stavanger Norway some experience.

If you do ever have the chance to take a trip to Norway please do, all I can say is what a country and i'm already planning my next trip back. The joys of being a Norway wedding photographer.