A little highlight blog of some Elmore Court wedding photography mixed with a super fun happy wedding party. Elmore Court was initially built as a home in 1580, steeped in history with magnificent views over The Cotswolds River in Gloucestershire. It really is a photographer's dream wedding venue. The morning for me started with some bridal prep where I witnessed an amazing welcome blended in with all sorts of emotion. The ceremony took place in the main hall, Chris was a little nervous waiting for his bride Louise to arrive and walk down the aisle with her brother at her side. She certainly didn't disappoint.

The wedding took place on a very mild December afternoon with some blue skies peering through the clouds. Such a beautiful backdrop for some lovely Elmore Court wedding photography, making my job an absolute pleasure capturing guests and the happy newlyweds. Later we headed over to the Gillyflower which is fantastic for speeches and obviously party time. Purpose built using all natural materials. Following the theme of the day the speeches were full of emotion and humour which then led us on to the main event, party time! Certainly one of my favourite times of day where guests let their hair down and are oblivious to the camera (see the photos below). Louise and Chris thank you once again for allowing me to capture your amazing wedding day. You can also see an Indian British  Fusion Wedding from Elmore Court by clicking the link.

Getting married at Elmore Court

If you like what you see and would be interested in me capturing your Elmore Court wedding please feel free to contact me  (after you've viewed the photos below of-course) :)

For the photographers out there, the wedding day was captured using two Nikon D750's with mainly the 35mm 1.4, 85mm 1.4 and the 24mm 1.4 for the first dance. The speeches were lit using two Phottix Odin flash units off camera and the first dance a single SB910 on camera. Another thank you goes out to Gloucestershire wedding photographer - Stu Jotham Photography who helped out on the day, capturing the Elmore Court wedding photography below.