Wedding Photography at Euridge Manor

Euridge Manor Wedding
I photographed the wedding of Divya and Jack at the fantastic Euridge Manor. They came over from the US for a four day Indian Fusion wedding celebration. Mixed with Indian, English and American traditions.
On day one the couple took part in a holi celebration with friends and family. This colourful tradition was so much fun to capture. Plus my cameras managed to survive the powdered paint fiasco.

The next day there was an Indian ceremony also at Euridge Manor where friends and family were invited to join in with prayers, blessings and gifts. The celebrations continued late into the evening with heartfelt speeches, traditional dancing and music. This was my first time photographing at Euridge Manor and it is an amazing venue. The staff are amazing, the food is great, and the location is great! The venue is very close to the city of Bath.

We shot some amazing portraits after sunset and then went into the ballroom for a lively reception. I love to see my couples enjoying themselves and this is exactly what happened.
The weather for weekend was a complete mix. Day one was beautiful, so we were able to take advantage of some great outdoor shots around the grounds of Euridge Manor. However, as you can see from these photos, there were some lovely indoor decor and architecture within the venue, which allowed us to capture some really beautiful images inside as well as out! Day two the weather decided to take a turn for rain, though that didn't dampen the electric atmosphere.

Day three the sun came luckily came back for the lovely couple, for another day of great celebrations. To sum up this spectacular wedding weekend at Euridge Manor. It was Simply epic and what an unbelievable wedding venue in the south west of England.
Please enjoy the photos below.
Eurdige Manor Wedding
Wedding Photography at Euridge Manor