Winning Fearless Awards

It came as a total surprise that I won three Fearless Awards in the latest collection 56. I would have been very happy to win the one! To be a Fearless Photographers award winner is pretty cool. As it is the industry leading International Awards for wedding photography and so to be considered award worthy is very humbling.

The Winning Images

All three winning Fearless awards were photographed in a documentary style, capturing unposed wedding moments as they unfolded in front of my eyes.

Fearless photographers award winner

Prior to photographing this image I was actually having some food upstairs at a local Cotswolds wedding venue. Through the window I noticed the best man smoking his pipe, the smoke swirling gracefully near to the green bush. Luckily I got the shot that I envisaged with the continuation and picked up this Fearless award.

Fearless Photographers Award Winner Dan Morris

The second image of the bridesmaid wearing and admiring her mother's bridal shoes was a case of the right place at the right time! Being there at precisely the right moment is sometimes all it takes to be a Fearless Photographer Award Winner. This was a great day and you can see more from this wedding at Dowdeswell Court.

Fearless Photographers award winning wedding images

The third and final photograph I took at the fabulous Norton Hall. Whilst everyone was sitting down for the wedding breakfast. I noticed the page boy sitting down and gazing at the bride's bouquet. The sun was nice and low, giving that beautiful back light. To get the framing I laid down on the floor, making sure I didn't disturb the moment unfolding in front of me. You can see my profile below on the Fearless Photographers award winner website. Or if you would like to see more of my favourite images, then see my weddings gallery page.