On my way home from photographing a wedding in Australia, I scheduled in a couple of days stop over for some Hong Kong Street Photography. Hong Kong is one of the most interesting places and is densely populated, which makes it a really good place for some street photos as most people are oblivious to the camera. For such a busy place, people are still super friendly and so many speak great English too - probably from its history as a former British colony (see more about the history here). A mix of sky scrapers, market places, side streets and the unknown around each and every corner, it simply was a joy walking around exploring and seeking out moments. Just over an hours boat ride is a former Portuguese colony called Macau, commonly known as the 'Las Vegas of Asia'. As well as having some of the same hotel chains as Vegas, Macau has lots of Portuguese architecture, making it an eclectic and very cool place to visit and take photos. Sadly my camera wasn't allowed to make an appearance in the casinos! It was a nice change from photographing in the UK as a London street photographer. Please take a look at the images below to see what I got up to. Plus if you'd like to see other work apart from my Hong Kong street photography, please take a look at my India street photography blog post.