Varanasi and Delhi Street photography

After I embarked on becoming a street photographer just over a year ago I soon became hooked. My job is my hobby. Who does that?! Well if I ever needed an excuse to travel and witness different lifestyles and cultures, India street photography offers the perfect excuse. After chatting with a good friend and fellow street photographer Rob Edgerley, we both decided India would be an awesome experience and an ideal location. First stop was Varanasi which is widely known as the spiritual capital of India. Thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit each year to bathe in the sacred Ganges and perform funeral rites. We were lucky enough to be guided by Indian street photographer Vineet Vonra, a Leica ambassador who was obviously a well known figure in India. Although for the record, myself and rob may have topped the league table for selfie requests from the locals :) That leads me nicely onto how hospitable and friendly the locals are. We stayed in a family run hotel in Varanasi and they simply couldn't do enough for us. One morning we had plans to head out at 5 am and jokingly asked Patel (hotel waiter) if he would be up to make us coffee. He replied, "sure no problem here is my WhatsApp number, call me". Now that's some service! We were invited into peoples homes and even factories. All day everyday we were welcomed with warmth and happiness Plus did I mention the animals? If you follow me then you'll know that my camera will always sway their way. You can see more of my UK street photography here, working as a London street photographer.

Street Photographers in India

Next stop for myself and Rob was Old Delhi. We spent two days splitting up and getting lost. I ended up in places even Google couldn't find! But everywhere I ended up there was a friendly face ready to welcome me. This trip has certainly given me the bug to explore new places with my camera. If you'd like to see more of my street photography check out my dedicated street photography Instagram - @danmorrisstreet. Take a look at the photos below and let me know what you think of my India street photography. You can also see some of my work over on my Hong Kong street photography blog post. If you have any questions please contact me here.