Norwegian wedding photography workshop. From the power of Networking I met a couple of very talented wedding photographers called Eirik Halvorsen and Welsh based Aga Tomaszek. One thing we all had in common was a passion for helping people learn. Wedding photography is one of those industries where there is no qualification or specific course to help you progress. When I started I emailed over twenty photographers and I received two replies saying sorry but I work alone. Since that day I have always wanted to share the mistakes I made so others didn't have to make the same.

The outcome of a three way conversation mixed with a common ground of helping others we came up with the idea of running a two day workshop in Stavanger Southern Norway.  There is no right way to do something, there is only YOUR way. This was something we all agreed with and by having the three of us reflected this statement.

Day one was spent in the comfort of Eirik's home and day two out and about shooting in the stunning Norwegian scenery with whatever light was handed to us by mother nature. Being the sceptics and our own biggest critics, something all wedding photographers all seem to have in common, there was a slight worry that nobody would want to listen to us. When again proving that little doubt wrong we actually SOLD OUT! We had attendees all the way from Oslo, England and Wales. People were messaging us about missing out and asking if we are running a workshop again? We are super pleased to say? WE ARE! The next one will be in Cheltenham in 2021. Please follow this link Wedding Photography Wedding Photography Training to register your interest.

Here is a testimonial from the lovely

I recently attended the inaugural Norwegian Wedding Photography Workshop run by Dan Morris, Eirik Halvorsen and Aga Tomaszek.

The workshop was held in Eirik’s home, which was a great idea, as the homely atmosphere straight away put people at ease. In fact, it felt more like a bunch of friends having a photography meet-up! Dan, Eirik and Aga are down-to-earth and very approachable and it was interesting listening to 3 different viewpoints on various topics over the two days. I took away so much from each of them.

The following day we got to see some of the Norwegian countryside, stopping  at various locations on the way to photograph a lovely couple , Solvi and John. The scenery was breathtakingly stunning and there was beautiful autumnal light everywhere.

Over the two days, I learnt a lot and got to know a lovely group of photographers.

Overall, it was a fantastic and inspiring experience!!

Thanks again, it was a blast!!

You can see a destination Destination wedding in Stavanger Norway that I photographed here.