Well that certainly went quick! My reportage wedding photography UK 2019 goes something like this...

It was an incredible year for so many reasons. Like previous years, I've met so many amazing people and it's still humbling that couples put their trust in me to capture, what will most likely be, the most important day of their lives.

My first wedding of the year took me all the way 'Down Under' to Australia and the beautiful Bendooley Estate, ninety minutes outside of Sydney. I'll be forever grateful to Briony and Grahame for flying me nearly 10,000 miles to come and capture their special day! I can't even say that it was all downhill after that as I then headed directly to New Zealand and photographed two lovely people at the 'Hobbiton Movie Set' near Hamilton. I was also lucky enough to photograph weddings in Cape Town, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Italy, Portugal and of course, back home in Wales :) As fun as that all sounds don't forget in means time away from my bestie Sid. The welcome I received after five weeks away has to be my 2019 highlight :) After all that travel it was back to some reportage wedding photography UK style, luckily we did get some of those sunny days.

The ample opportunities that I've been given to capture amazing memories for people always makes me strive to keep learning and working hard. Being the best reportage wedding photographer I can be is the goal. One memory that sticks out for me is Beth walking down the stairs at Clearwell Castle with her dad, heading to meet the love of her life Phil. A few steps down and Beth unfortunately took a tumble! My natural instinct was to keep taking photos and then run up to break the fall. Beth wanted me to include the photo in this yearly roundup, I think purely for Phil's amusement. As we say back home in Wales - Seren Y gem (star of the game), basically woman of the match or in fact warrior of the year!

This really is the best job in the world. Having the honour to be a documentary and reportage wedding photographer is amazing. I already know the 2020 is going to be another great year with new places to explore and venues to experience.

Thank you to all the wonderful couples once again. If you are interested in me capturing your special day (or if you know somebody who is), whether it's the Cotswolds, anywhere in the UK or wherever it may be in the world please get in contact here.