Monkey Valley Resort Cape Town wedding

Monkey Valley Resort Cape Town Wedding

Where do I start with this one? Tracey, originally from Cape Town and now living in the Cotswolds with Alexis, very kindly asked if I'd be willing to fly over to South Africa for their destination wedding. Obviously not a hard one for me to answer! The main question that sprung to my head was please be a date that i'm free and luckily for me I was :)

When Tracey and Alexis sent me a link to the Monkey Valley Resort an immediate smile spread across my face. Set in a beautiful forest, it has a rustic-chic feel with an unrivalled view of Noordhoek beach and nature reserve.

The day after I arrived I was invited to a pre-wedding South African style braii, a bbq on steroids basically! My initial observations were that there is a distinct hierarchy and certain people have their roles to play to create a spectacular evening. Basically the hospitality was immense. and rather than being the wedding photographer I quite literally felt like a member of the family! I won't bother mentioning the wedding day as it was just a pleasure to capture  and so nice to reminisce whilst editing it. Don't take my word for it just have a little look below. A big thank you to Andrew Morgan, a wedding photographer from Cape Town, for helping me on the day. I was fortunate enough to have a few days either side for a holiday and to see the draw dropping Cape Town scenery and did I mention a post wedding braii :) A big thank you once again to Tracey and Alexis for putting your trust in me to come over and capture your amazing wedding day. If you'd like me to capture your destination wedding you can find me here.





Soho Farmhouse wedding

Soho Farmhouse wedding

This can only been described as an absolutely ‘magic’ Soho Farmhouse wedding , one of the Cotswolds most exclusive countryside venues.
The wonderful Sami and Mike (a superstar magician) headed over from New York to celebrate their special day alongside 140 of their nearest and dearest family and friends. I initially chatted to the couple on Skype and even then I could see how in love these two were. There was such tender emotion throughout the day mixed with immense laughter and fun. The day started with the lads doing a spot of shooting and ended with a packed dance floor and guests feeding each other desserts with 5 feet long forks! Now that was an experience to witness :) (to witness it for yourself please see below!)
A big thank you to Aga Tomaszek for helping me on the day, Green Biscuit wedding films and also event planner Hannah Trevaskis from Soho Farmhouse. Sami and Mike thank you once again for having me along to capture your special day :)

Norton Hall Cotswolds Wedding

Norton Hall Cotswolds Wedding

A beautiful sunny day welcomed me to a fabulous Norton Hall Cotswolds wedding. This was my first time photographing at Norton Hall and on arrival I was impressed with what I saw, a great backdrop everywhere I looked. It was obvious to see from the outset that Lucy and Martin were two very popular people and it took me all of ten seconds to realise why. I hadn't met the couple though I was made to feel very at home, firstly by Martin (known to his friends as Bertie) at the Churchill Arms where he stayed with his groomsmen the night before. Then I headed over to the venue with the ladies who carried on the hospitality.

The joyous nature continued all the way through the day, which was a pleasure to capture throughout. An emotional but at the same time fun ceremony, great entertainment, awesome speeches and some top moves on the dance floor made my job an easy one. Just see the images below and you can witness for yourselves.

A big thank you goes to Anna (wedding planner) from Golden Pineapple who recommended me to the lovely couple.  I also have the privilege of capturing her wedding at the same venue very soon :). Others that played their part were the London Essentials who helped make the day such a fantastic atmosphere throughout. It was also ace working alongside Gary (Videographer) from Gorgeous Films.

For the fellow camera geeks out there. This was all shot with two Nikon D850's with the 24 1.4, 35 1.4 and 85 1.4 lenses. With the Nikon SB910 flash to light the dancing.

Lucy and Martin thank you once again for having me along to capture your very memorable special. If you're interested in myself capturing your Norton Hall Cotswolds wedding please contact me here.


Grittleton House wedding

Grittleton House wedding

This was my first wedding at the stunning Grittleton House. An absolute Cotswolds gem.

Built in 1660, this venue is steeped in history and was even the home of Grittleton House School until 2016. However, I’m glad this is now a venue as it truly is a Cotswold-wedding gem.
Photographing this wedding was an absolute pleasure. From a photographers point of view I was completely spoilt for choice with the breathtaking architecture and beautiful gardens. As well as being in a truly picturesque setting, I also received a very warm welcome from the couple. Nina and Steve were completely nerve free and certainly knew how to relax and have fun on their wedding day. I’m fact, it didn’t really feel like work for me at all as I spent most of the day laughing along with this vibrant couple and their fun loving family and friends. What a party! You can see some of these moments in the photographs below. Nina and Steve, thank you again for having me along to capture your special day.
I’m excited to say that I’m already going back to Grittleton House later in the year. And as always, it was lovely to work alongside Mr and Mrs Productions on video.

For the photographers out there, this was captured using two Nikon D850's with the 24, 35 and 85 1.4 lenses. The dance shots using a few Good AD200's which are great.

The Bay Tree Hotel Burford

Well what can I say about this wedding? An absolute joy to photograph at The Bay Tree Hotel Burford in the Cotswolds. From the start I could tell that Annabel and Mads knew how to have fun. The day started at Oxfordshire Shooting School Photographed by the talented Hannah Miles Photography whom helped me out on the day. I started at the hotel where the bridal party were getting ready. With a 1920's theme I knew this would be a cracker. Everyone looked amazing, no one more so than Annabel. A joyous ceremony followed outside where a relaxed Mads was waiting for his bride, singing along to the awesome Stephen Dunnett.
Afterwards we took the newlyweds for a little walk, whilst doing so, we came across an antique shop called Schotten. Now even I could not have predicted the fun we would have when inside (thanks to the owner). I'll let the photos below do the talking.
The evening pretty much followed suit with my personal highlight being the Danish tradition (Mads is from Denmark) of cutting the grooms socks off at the toes. One that I think should be utilised here in the UK.
Thank you both once again for having us along on your special day.

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uk wedding photography workshop

UK Wedding photography Workshop

Our UK wedding photography workshop. The second wedding photography workshop that myself Eirik Halvorsen and Aga Tomaszek have now held together, the first back in Norway in November. With three different personalities and three completely different ways of achieving the same end goal. All three of us were so humbled to sell out twelve places within an hour of ticket release. With attendees coming over from France and Germany.

Day one was spent on the sofa in my house in Cheltenham in the Cotswolds. All three of us giving a presentation on a different topics, followed by a Polish soup made by the super enthausiastic Aga, sadly I think I managed to burn it with my kitchen skills. Day two we went out and about  to do a couple of live shoots with real couples Followed by a live editing talk and off camera flash presentation. Laura and Emily thank you for braving the rain, Kim and Ryan thank you for braving the darkness. Obviously we had a little bit of a social on both evenings sampling some local apples and beers. Those that could stay a little later ended up scaling Leckhampton Hill to practice a few star shots.

A big thank you to Pixellu for their support and offering a free issue of SmartAlbums and SmartSlides to two lucky attendees. Also JPEGmini for their continued support for the UK Wedding Photography Workshop

Here is a lovely review from Steph Kiely Photography

The two days were filled with energy and enthusiasm that I quite literally cannot explain. It was unbelievably engaging.
The live shoots were an inspiring experience. I chose not to shoot during these as I really wanted to see how they worked, what they were looking out for and how their minds were working.

I'm now sat here with a cuppa and I've concluded it has been the best investment I've made so far in my photography development. I'm home feeling confident (most importantly) and I cannot wait to put the things I've learnt about the photography business in to action. I've also made some lovely likeminded friends. I can't wait to see how we all develop these new skills.

So if anybody has any doubts put them aside and take the leap. You won't regret it.

Dan, Eirik and Aga are an inspiring trio who have an incredible amount of energy. They have an enormous amount of passion for their work and are so excited about teaching others. I feel privileged that I could be part of the two days.

UK wedding photography workshop, Cotswolds Wedding Photographer.