Our UK wedding photography workshop. The second wedding photography workshop that myself Eirik Halvorsen and Aga Tomaszek have now held together, the first back in Norway in November. With three different personalities and three completely different ways of achieving the same end goal. All three of us were so humbled to sell out twelve places within an hour of ticket release. With attendees coming over from France and Germany.

Day one was spent on the sofa in my house in Cheltenham in the Cotswolds. All three of us giving a presentation on a different topics, followed by a Polish soup made by the super enthausiastic Aga, sadly I think I managed to burn it with my kitchen skills. Day two we went out and about  to do a couple of live shoots with real couples Followed by a live editing talk and off camera flash presentation. Laura and Emily thank you for braving the rain, Kim and Ryan thank you for braving the darkness. Obviously we had a little bit of a social on both evenings sampling some local apples and beers. Those that could stay a little later ended up scaling Leckhampton Hill to practice a few star shots.

A big thank you to Pixellu for their support and offering a free issue of SmartAlbums and SmartSlides to two lucky attendees. Also JPEGmini for their continued support for the UK Wedding Photography Workshop

Here is a lovely review from Steph Kiely Photography

The two days were filled with energy and enthusiasm that I quite literally cannot explain. It was unbelievably engaging.
The live shoots were an inspiring experience. I chose not to shoot during these as I really wanted to see how they worked, what they were looking out for and how their minds were working.

I'm now sat here with a cuppa and I've concluded it has been the best investment I've made so far in my photography development. I'm home feeling confident (most importantly) and I cannot wait to put the things I've learnt about the photography business in to action. I've also made some lovely likeminded friends. I can't wait to see how we all develop these new skills.

So if anybody has any doubts put them aside and take the leap. You won't regret it.

Dan, Eirik and Aga are an inspiring trio who have an incredible amount of energy. They have an enormous amount of passion for their work and are so excited about teaching others. I feel privileged that I could be part of the two days.