Wedding photography workshops

learn my approach

  • Kit I use and why less is more
  • Capturing magic moments
  • How I use available light and Flash, plus live practical session
  • How to be more creative
  • Editing and workflow
  • How I use social media
  • Answering your questions honestly

When I first started as a wedding photographer, basically I had no idea! My photography skills were not where they should have been and my business skills, well that’s another story. I reached out to other local photographers for help, only receiving two replies saying no. From then I always said that I would try to help out if I can.

With the help from some good photographer friends I have started a group on Facebook called Dan Morris Photography Development, this aims to help with any questions from photographers new to the industry or wanting a little guidance.


I am also offering one to one sessions where we meet up to discuss all aspects of what it takes to make your photography business more successful. I will explain the things that I did wrong so hopefully you don’t make the same mistakes! The day can be tailored to your specific needs. So anything from posing, off camera flash, how I work on a wedding day or editing and workflow for a few examples.