Lost for words is how I’ll start my roundup of 2016 as a wedding photographer Cotswolds. An absolute whirlwind, witnessing so many special moments and being in the privileged position of capturing these moments for so many amazing couples and families. The gratitude shown and the welcome from total strangers again proves why there is no other job that I would rather be doing. So from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for putting your trust in me and I hope that I have lived up to all your expectations.

A few highlights for myself was shooting a wedding for a Norwegian family in Stavanger. Giving a bride a lift to the ceremony when the wedding car broke down and being the only person able to do up one hundred buttons on a wedding dress due to having small hands with no nails. Sadly no pictures were taken of this event. Always capture the moment!

Another big thank you must go to family and friends that have put up with my slight obsession and kept me sane along the way. Also to my peers that I admire in the industry, that have become good friends this year. Two of whom I joined up with to run a wedding photography workshop in Norway back in November. Due to it’s success and the amazing people that put their trust in us, we are now running another workshop in March here in the Cotswolds. Most humbling for me was starting a group on social media with the help of  a few talented people, helping and giving advice to photographers either starting out or looking for a little direction, always the sceptic I thought who would take any notice of what I had to say. The group now as almost four hundred members with some I now class as good friends.

Less about me and more of some lovely moments that I have been able to capture for lots of wonderful people during 2016. There are so many photos that I would love to share with you all and choosing a select few wasn’t easy to say the least. Roll on 2017!  Please take  look below.

Wedding Photographer Cotswolds – Highlights 2016